Tips For Calming An Excitable Pooch

While having an excitable pooch can be entertaining, and some pet owners encourage the behaviour, it can get out of control and cause conflicts between other pet owners and even friends and family. Here are some tips for helping to calm an excitable pooch:

  • Exude an aura of calmness

We all know how dogs respond to our unconscious signs and behaviours and to the tone of our voice, so if we are anxious or high- energy, then our pet will likely respond to this in an excitable way. Try taking a few deep breaths when around your dog, to help stay calm and not get them over excited.

  • Spot the warning signs and triggers early enough

Look out for what makes your dog excited and observe their body language. They may become super alert or intensely fixated on something, or even whine or bark excessively. Knowing what triggers excitable behaviour in your dog can help you to control or minimize it, and the sooner you spot the signs, the sooner you can prevent a full-blown case of over-excitement.

  • Plenty of exercise

Hyperactive dogs and puppies may have a lot of unspent energy that can cause them to display excitable behaviour. Exercise them as often as you can and burn off that excess energy.

  • Never reward bad behaviour

While ignoring your dog’s excitable behaviour may not be easy, they will soon tire of not receiving any attention and calm down.

  • Time-out

Teach your dog to lie down and settle calmly at a certain spot. If your dog gets over excited when the mailman calls or anyone rings the doorbell for example, this can be a great way of teaching them to relax and have self-control.

  • Try not to encourage obsessive behaviours

Some dogs get fixated and obsessed over certain games or toys, making them too excited. Mix up the games that you play with your dog to try and prevent this.

  • Hold your dog

For some dogs who are super excited and won’t respond to any of your other calming techniques, you may need to physically hold them until the excitement passes. This may not be so easy with larger dogs but give it a try and be sure to reward them after they’ve calmed down with a massage or belly rub.

An excitable pooch can get themselves into all sorts of bother, and it can be tiring for pet parents, too. If you’re still struggling to calm your excitable pooch down, you might consider seeking help from a professional dog trainer or behaviourist.

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