Is It Important That Your Pet Is Obedient?

While there are no rules pertaining to pet obedience and certainly no laws mandating that you train your pet dog, doing so will help ensure that your beloved best friend can have healthy relationships with humans and dogs alike and be socially compatible.

Many pet owners feel that their dogs are like members of the family, and the thought of training them makes them feel anxious and sad. However, while it is a wonderful thing to have a furry member of the family, having a furry member of the family who doesn’t snap at the postman, strain on the leash or jump all over visitors to your home, is a far more wondrous thing.

Just how important is obedience training? 

It could be said that obedience training for pet dogs is vital if you want your dog to be happy and fulfilled in their life, and for you to have a healthy relationship with them, too. Antisocial behaviour such as growling at people and leaping around in an uncontrolled manner when out in public, is likely to lead to your dog being scolded. You’re also far less likely to take your dog out with you if you can’t trust how they’re going to behave, meaning that they may get left at home a lot more often and have a whole lot less fun and engagement in their life. If your pet dog can learn even the most basic of commands, such as sit, down, stay, come and heel, then their chances of being rewarded are increased, and life for both you and your pet dog, becomes a whole lot easier.

Try to think of obedience training not as a pointless and cruel chore, but as a series of mechanisms that help your dog cope with life and get the most of it, too.

Can obedience training ever be fun?

Yes, of course it can! If you’re training your beloved pooch and it isn’t fun, then there’s a strong possibility that you’re not doing it right. Let’s face it, many dogs are reward oriented – just as many humans are, in fact – and so each time your dog successfully completes a task or learns a new form of positive behaviour, they’ll be rewarded with a treat or favourite toy and will feel happy and fulfilled. You, on the other hand, will get your reward from being able to safely and confidently introduce your dog to new people and take them everywhere with you.

Of course, there may be times when the process isn’t going as well or as swiftly as you’d like, but stick with it, have faith in your dog and your ability to train them, and you’ll see positive results; no dog is beyond basic training at the very least and even this can make a huge difference to their quality of life, and yours.

Can anyone train a dog?

In theory, yes, anyone can train a dog, but the reality may be a little different, whether that be due to time constraints, lack of patience or a whole host of other reasons. If you’re not able to train your dog, don’t despair and think of yourself as a failure, simply enroll your pet in obedience classes or engage with a dog trainer who can work with you in your own home.

Most attendees of dog training classes enjoy it so much that they continue going even after their dog has mastered the basic commands, with some even taking it to a competitive level. So, if you want a healthy, mentally stimulated and socially acceptable furry best friend, it might be time to think about obedience!

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