Is There A Breed Of Dog Best Suited To You?

There are more than 150 breeds of dog, and while many dog lovers simply love anything that woofs and has 4 legs and a tail, some of you out there may want to give a bit more consideration to the type of pet dog you choose to make a part of your family. Some dogs may adapt to any circumstances that they find themselves in, and will quickly endear themselves to anyone who shows them a little love, but some breeds are naturally more predisposed to certain types of behaviour and you may want to consider the following points before getting your new pooch.

What role will your new dog play in your life?

Are you thinking about buying or adopting a dog to protect your home? If so, then there are certain breeds of dog who are naturally more inclined to show protective instincts, such as Dobermans, Bullmastiffs and German Shepherds.

Perhaps your new best friend will accompany you on hunting expeditions? In which case, you may want to consider breeds such as Labradors, Beagles and Pointers. If you simply want a dog to be either a companion for you, or for another dog that you already own, then there will be many breeds of dog that may be suitable. It will be best if you can spend time with the dog before you buy or adopt them, or have your pet dog spend time with them to see if personalities are compatible.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the breed classifications:

  • Toy breed

These dogs are often cute, but perhaps one of their main draws is that they can adapt very well to living in smaller spaces, such as apartments. They don’t need masses of space to roam around in, and they are easier to keep clean and tidy, too. Poodles, Spaniels and Terriers are just a few examples of toy breeds.

  • Sporty breeds

These dogs are often very easy to train for use in hunting roles, such as retrieving game birds, with high levels of intelligence and loyalty. Some breeds of Spaniel, Labradors and Golden Retrievers make excellent hunting companions.

  • Working class breeds

These dogs are also very intelligent and can be successfully trained to accompany search and rescue teams, used as protection, or as guide dogs for the blind and/or disabled, and much more. They tend to be classed as larger breeds that can be engaged in physically active work and include such dogs as German Shepherds, Doberman Pinschers, Mastiffs and Collies.

  • Cross breeds and mongrels

Many people claim that cross bred dogs with no history of inbreeding, are less likely to suffer from physical and/or behavioural problems, and many favour them as pets. Because of their mixed breeding, their personality traits are not typical and each dog will have its own unique behavioural patterns.

When thinking about getting a pet dog, don’t take the decision lightly and carefully consider many factors about the breed of dog, such as those mentioned here. A pet is for life, and if you want to enjoy your life with your furry friend, you’d be best to do some research first and ideally, spend some time with your chosen dog before bringing it into your life permanently.

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