5 Simple Ways To Have A Better Relationship With Your Dog

Most of us like to think that we have a good relationship with our furry friends, even if we’ve had to work hard to achieve it. Some dogs require a little more work than others before you can gain their trust, while others will trust you and nobody else. But what if your relationship with your pet dog could be even better?

Here are 5 simple ways in which to enrich your friendship with your dog and take your relationship to bigger, better heights:

  1. Spend quality time with one another

Just as it is between humans, a true bond can only be shared if those involved have spent enough time together to understand each other. A good, solid relationship requires time, and quality time. Be with your dog and only your dog, and learn about their habits just as they’ll learn about yours.

  1. Make every communication with your dog, as clear as it can be

Clarity and consistency are the key to helping ensure that your dog understands you clearly. If he misunderstands your signals or commands, he may get confused, which could in turn, lead to frustration for both of you. Dogs are better at making sense of visual signals than they are with words, so give clear actions and physical commands to help your dog be obedient and in turn, enrich the relationship between you both.

  1. Give your dog good, tasty food and treats

We all know how much dogs enjoy their food, with mealtimes perhaps being the highlights of the day for many. We should make the effort to prepare good quality and tasty food for our dogs to help show them that we love them, and to help them get more pleasure from their mealtimes. Cook or simply give them nutritious tasty pre- prepared food.

  1. Train your pet

It’s a known fact that an obedient and responsive dog, is a much happier one, since they spend less time being scolded for naughtiness or disobedient behaviour. They are given more freedom through the trust that can be built between an owner and their well-trained dog, and a happy pet generally leads to a happy pet parent.

  1. Play with your pooch

Unless your dog is very old and no longer in a mood for fun and games, you should always take the time to play with your dog and help them to unwind and share fun with you. This will almost certainly strengthen the bond between the two of you, and who doesn’t love playing with their pooch?

For many of us, especially to those who have grown up with dogs in the family, these points will come automatically, but it’s always good to have a gentle reminder every now and then, and both you and your pet pooch will surely benefit.

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