How Often Should You Walk Your Canine Companion?

All good pet owners know that dogs need and enjoy, regular exercise. It’s great for them, and it’s not half bad for us, either. Dogs can keep in good physical shape and can socialise and play on a walk, while we humans get to spend some quality time with our furry friend while keeping ourselves in good physical shape, too. But just how often should we walk our canine companions; can we walk them too often and can we get away with short walks when we’re pushed for time? Here are a few pointers to take into consideration when wondering about walkies:

How often should you walk your canine companion?

This can depend on several factors, the most important of which are listed below:

  • The breed of your dog 

Some breeds have smaller bladder capacities than others, and so will not be able to hold onto their pee for as long. For these dogs, regular walks, or at the very least access to a yard or outside space, is highly recommended. Please consult a qualified veterinarian for more information regarding this, and indeed, any other points in this list.

  • The size of your dog 

The smaller the dog, the more frequent the walks, but try to make them shorter to avoid tiring them out too much. If you’re walking more frequently with your small breed dog, then doubtless you’ll have less time to dedicate to each outing anyway.

  • Your schedule 

If you work full time or have a hectic daily schedule, then it may only be possible for you to walk your pet once or twice a day. If your dog is becoming frustrated, bored or overweight, then you might want to consider hiring a professional dog walking company to help you give your pet the exercise that he/she needs.

  • Doggy diarrhoea 

If your pet is suffering from a bout of diarrhoea, then you should walk them as often as possible throughout the day to avoid any smelly incidents in the home. If your dog is kept in a yard or outside space, then this may not be so much of an issue.

  • Ill health as diagnosed by a veterinarian 

There may be occasions when your pet becomes sick and the veterinarian has recommended that you don’t walk him/her as often, if at all, until they have recovered and have been given a clean bill of health.

  • Energy levels 

Some dogs have boundless energy and could be walked a hundred times a day without being satisfied, and while this is rarely humanely possible, energetic dogs should be walked as often as is manageable.

  • Diet 

Depending on the type of food that you give your dog daily, he/she may require poop intervals more than once a day, while some diets may see your pet relieving their bowels every other day. However, giving them a chance to stretch their legs and pee is just as important as poop breaks, so even if your dog doesn’t poop every day, they should still be walked at least daily.

Regular walks are great for your dog for a whole host of reasons, not least for their mental and physical health. Giving them stimulation and exercise can help them to release energy and encourage them to feel content and calm. Frequent peeing can reduce the risk of urinary tract infections, and if your dog meets, greets and plays with other dogs during his walk, then this can work wonders for his socialising skills.

If walking your dog regularly has become a problem for you, or you’re having to keep your dog confined for long periods of time – and this can happen for any number of perfectly valid reasons – please contact a professional pet care company who can help ensure that your beloved pet gets the exercise he/she deserves. Your pet may even benefit from interacting with somebody other than you, and can help them to become more trusting of other humans.

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