Ways To Get Your Dog Loving Bath Time

Whether your pet dog has short or long fur, an occasional bath is usually needed, especially if they are fans of rolling around in mud, jumping into dirty puddles or becoming a bit smelly in the hot weather!

There is absolutely no reason why bathing your dog shouldn’t be a pleasurable experience for both parties, but just in case your pooch is not such a fan of the bath, here are some simple tips to help them cope better and even enjoy their bath:

  • Tire them out first! 

A good, long walk should see your pet feeling ‘dog tired’, and what better way for them to cool off and unwind, than with a refreshing bath. Not only that, but your dog will be too tired to resist the process!

  • Take your time 

If you know that you only have 15 minutes in which to get your dog bathed, you’d be better off leaving it for a day when you have more time available. Rushing through the ordeal won’t help your pet, and neither of you will be able to relax.

  • Stay calm and assertive 

If you panic as soon as your dog begins to resist the bathing process, he or she will pick up on this, and will likely begin to panic, too. Remain calm and encourage your pet with soothing words and actions that help them to feel as if you’re in control, and nothing horrific is going to happen to them!

  • Use lukewarm water 

Water that’s too hot or too cold, will likely shock your dog and encourage them to bolt, so try to keep it lukewarm whenever possible.

  • If your pet is a puppy, begin bathing them when they’re still young 

Introducing your puppy to water and the bathing process while they are still young, may help them get used to it and dread it less as they grow older.

  • Feed your pet in the bathing area and let him/her explore the tub when it’s dry 

Desensitising your pet to the bathing process is a great way of encouraging them not to be afraid, and perhaps even to enjoy the process in time. Feeding them near the tub will help them to associate bath time with something pleasant, and you should certainly reward your dog with food treats before, during and after the bath. Letting them sniff the tub before the water goes in, can have its benefits too. Nobody knows your pet better than you do, so there may be other things that you can do to help your dog relax before and during the bath, that you know will help him/her to feel more confident. These don’t necessarily have to involve food, but we know that most dogs are motivated by their stomachs!

  • Tried all the above and your dog still hates bath time? 

Okay, so for the sake of both you and your pet, it may be necessary to accept that you can’t cope with bathing your dog alone, and that’s when it’s time to get in touch with a professional company who make bathing dogs, their business. Ask them for help, and within days you could see the whole bathing process go from nightmare to joyous experience!

If you have no issues with bathing your dog(s) but simply don’t have the time to dedicate to the task, then there are professional companies who can help with that, too. They may have their own salon or will visit your home and bathe your dog, but either way, they’ll get the job done and you get your soft, sweetly smelling pooch back again!

Remember, there is no shame in asking for help with your pets, the only shame lies in allowing them to become dirty and smelly because you were too proud to call in the pro’s.  😊

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