Pongy Pooch? Try This Homemade Doggy Deodorant

Dogs are amazing creatures and when we refer to them as ‘man’s best friend’, we do so for a variety of reasons, but mainly for their loyalty and their ability to love us humans unconditionally. However, while we love our pet dogs, we may not always love the way they smell. Some dogs are smellier than others, that much is true, but all dogs have a certain aroma that can become overpowering if not tackled with regular bathing, or even with deodorant.

If your pooch is particularly pongy, why not try making them a natural deodorant to help improve their aroma:

Homemade Doggy Deodorant:

There are many natural oils generally regarded as being safe to use on pets, but that doesn’t mean that your dog won’t be the one to have a negative reaction to them. Whenever you’re using any hygiene product on your pet pooch, be sure to watch for their immediate reaction to the smell, and of course, monitor any other negative reactions to the substance once you’ve applied it. Some dogs find certain smells overpowering and will express extreme displeasure whenever you try to use it on them. If this is the case, simply use less of it, or if they really won’t tolerate it, try spritzing around the rooms that your dog spends the most time in to help dissipate the pong that might be emanating from them. It won’t stop your dog from smelling of course, but it might make living with a stinky pet, a little more bearable!

Recipe and ingredients:

10 drops of lavender essential oil
3 drops eucalyptus essential oil
6 drops peppermint essential oil
6 drops sweet orange essential oil
8 ounces distilled water


Take an empty spray bottle (you can buy one for the purpose or simply reuse an empty one, making sure to wash it out thoroughly first) and fill it with 8 ounces of distilled water before adding the above drops of essential oils, being sure to count them carefully.

Then, give the bottle a good shake to make sure the oils have blended together with the water, and spray it carefully over your dog’s body, taking extra care around the head to avoid getting the mixture in their eyes, nose or mouth.

Try this natural and delicious smelling deodorant on your pet pooch and see if it helps to eliminate the pong. Remember that you’re not trying to make your dog smell like a perfume store though, rather you’re trying to naturally eliminate the source of the smell so that your dog doesn’t leave you all holding your noses.

How much you use will naturally depend on the size of your dog, and how often you’ll need to reapply it will depend on each dog, too. Always remember that dogs have a keen sense of smell, so using too much deodorant on them can really irritate them and make them grouchy and upset.

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