What To Look For In A Good Pet Sitter Or Pet Sitting Company

It’s not always easy to leave your beloved furry best friend with a dog sitter, even if it’s just for a day or two and finding one that you trust and can rely upon, is often even harder. To help you in your search, here is a list of traits that every pet sitter should possess if they’re going to do a good job of caring your fur-kid:

They should be flexible:

Having a sitter that can help you out at short notice is important, and while not all sitters will be able to drop everything and come to your aid, if you can find one that will, you’re on to a winner.

Patient with your pet:

Some dogs are more mischievous or stressed out than others, and if you know that your pet can be a handful at times, it’s important that you find a sitter who can remain calm and won’t result to punishing your pet in ways that you don’t approve of.

Your sitter should be able to speak the same language as your dog:

Being able to read a pet’s emotional state is not always easy, but if a sitter has taken the time to talk to you about your dog’s personality and can understand the signals that your pet is trying to communicate, then you may have the found the best one for you and your best friend. Perhaps more importantly, they must respond with compassion to your pet, and never treat them in a way that you wouldn’t yourself.

You must be able to trust them:

Pet sitters are often given the keys to your home, and so not only are you entrusting them with your canine companion, but with the safety of your entire home. Check references from previous employers, and if something doesn’t feel right when you meet with them, it may be best to go with your gut and continue the search.

Experience is essential:

If your pet is a little challenging or has healthcare needs, you’ll need a sitter that has some experience with this, otherwise you could be compromising the safety of your pet.

Consistency is key:

If you’ve developed a set of rules for your dog, then the sitter needs to respect and adhere to them. For example, if your dog isn’t allowed to sleep on the couch, he should never be allowed to do so, no matter who is caring for him.


If the sitter is running late (which let’s be honest, can happen to the best of us) is there a clear protocol for this, and do they follow it strictly? Be clear about how much notice you need to be given, and what they should do if they need to cancel their duties for any reason, such as sickness.

Does your sitter have insurance?

It’s always a good idea to only employ a pet sitter that has a license and insurance, as not only does it show that they’re serious about their line of work, but it protects you should something untoward happen to your pet or your home in your absence.

It’s also important that your sitter has a genuine passion for their work and genuine love for dogs, otherwise it simply won’t work. Sometimes it can be better to find a sitter through a company that specializes in offering pet services, and there are many good, affordable options throughout the country.


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