Mentally Stimulate Your Pooch With Minimum Effort

If you’re sick and tired of your furniture getting all chewed up, finding scratch marks all over the doors, your belongings being destroyed and constant barking, then it could be that your furry friend needs some mental stimulation. Here are some top tips for keeping your pet’s mind busy with minimum effort on your part:

It’s not at all tricky:

Teaching your pet dog a few simple tricks is doing more than just having something clever to show off to your friends, it can be good for your dogs’ brain and general wellbeing, too. As well as giving your pet something to do that they are usually rewarded for, a dog that is responsive to commands and can learn quickly often goes on to behave better, something that is good for both you and your pet.

Walkies don’t need to be dull:

We all know that walks are a fantastic way of keeping our pets healthy and stimulated, but when we continually stick to the same route it can get a little dull for both parties. While it’s recommended to stick to a general timetable when walking your dog, varying the route is the best way to ensure that you both get the most out of the experience. Give your pooch as many new sights, sounds and smells as possible to ensure that your daily walks are a valuable experience and that your pet doesn’t get bored.

The sound of music:

Having the radio on when your pet is home alone has been proven to help lower their stress levels and keep them calm. A calm dog who isn’t worried about being alone in the home because things have suddenly gone quiet and they can’t hear or see you is far less likely to be anxious and display destructive behaviour. Even better, might be to play some calming, soothing sounds, and these can easily be found on Spotify or other music applications.

It’s dogs play!

No matter how many toys your pet dog has to play with, they will eventually tire of them, so try to buy them new, interactive ones every week and keep their interest levels up by hiding them and filling them with treats (Kong toys are great for this). When a dog tires of their toys, they’ll quickly turn to ‘playing’ with other items that they can get their paws on when left alone.

Call the pet sitter:

There can be no substitute for a bored dog than human company, especially if said human is an experienced dog lover and knows how to keep a pet entertained and happy. If you know that you need to leave your pet alone for a few hours, and worry that they’ll be likely to display destructive or anti-social behaviour when you’re gone, then why not call up a local, professional pet sitter and have them keep your dog company until you return? This can be far more cost effective than having to replace the entire contents of your home every time your pet is left alone!

Pet sitting services are a fantastic way for dog owners to have peace of mind while away from home, knowing that their precious pet is receiving plenty of mental stimulation in their absence and is not frightened or anxious while waiting for them to return.

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