Have You Considered Pet Sitter Services For Your Pooch?

Gone are the days when boarding kennels were the only places that you could safely leave your pet while you’re away, or friends and family were the only people you could find to look after your dog in your absence. Nowadays, professional pet sitters have grown in popularity and there are many of them offering their services all over the country.

If you’re planning to be out of town for any length of time, have you considered using a pet sitting service for your beloved pooch? If not, perhaps you should:

What do pet sitters do?

Pet sitters will either move into your home to take care of your pet(s) while you’re away, or will visit once, twice or multiple times a day to feed them, walk them if necessary and generally provide them with human company. Depending upon your needs, some pet sitters may perform basic household chores for you such as picking up the post, taking out the trash etc, and this is especially the case if the individual is also house-sitting for you.

The main responsibilities of a pet sitter should include feeding your pet, exercising them (ensuring that they have ample opportunity to relieve themselves at least twice a day), changing litter trays and monitoring them for signs of ill health or injury.

What do you need to supply your pet sitter with?

You must ensure that you leave enough food for the number of pets that you have, enough toileting materials, contact details of your preferred veterinarian in the case of an emergency, and details of any medical or behavioural issues that your pet may have. If your pet is on any kind of medication or supplements, you must leave detailed instructions for the sitter, and be sure to inform them verbally of the same; not doing so may lead to your pet sitter endangering themselves, or your animal becoming sick.

Should you invite your pet sitter for a trial run?

Trial runs may not be an option for all pet sitting services, however, if the service you’re planning to use is registered and fully professional, then you should be able to read reviews from other customers and be able to rely on their professionalism when dealing with your pet and your home.

How will I know my pet is safe with a pet sitter?

Once your chosen pet sitter service has been assigned and formalized and you have left the home, you will usually receive regular updates from the sitter as to the health and well being of your pet(s), and of course you will be able to contact the sitter as often as you like (provided it’s within reason, calling every day after 9 pm to find out if Fido went for his evening poop, may not be acceptable!). You may decide upon the type of correspondence, whether it be by text message or email and agree that phone calls should be reserved for emergencies only.

It’s widely accepted that pet sitter services offer you greater peace of mind than boarding kennels, since your pet(s) are under the supervision of an individual and are assured to get daily exercise and positive human interaction on a regular basis.

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