How Often Should You Bathe Your Four-Legged Friend?

Considering most dogs have a bad relationship with the bath tub, you could be forgiven for wondering if it’s ever necessary to give your dog a stressful, messy bath. However, as much as your four-legged friend may hate getting all soapy and wet, some dogs need at least one bath every 6 months, while others may require more frequent bathing. Here’s a few points to help you decide how often to bathe your canine:

How often should you bathe a healthy pet dog?

A healthy pet who has begun to smell a bit ‘doggy’, may need only to be bathed a few times a year. How active your dog is and how much they like to roll around in the dirt may help you determine how often a bath is needed; if your pet keeps themselves clean and spends most of their time indoors, then you shouldn’t need to bathe them as often. Bathing too often can be detrimental to the health of a normal dog, and unless they happen to really enjoy it, it’s best to restrict it.

A pet who is healthy but handicapped or aged, may not enjoy the bathing experience at all, in which case you can use your better judgment and knowledge of your pet to determine how frequently you give them a bath.

If your healthy pet dog has a long coat that attracts dirt or becomes tangled and knotted easily, more regular bathing might be needed, or at the very least, you would need to groom them often.

How often should you bathe a sick dog?

Naturally, the answer to this question very much depends on what your dog is suffering from, and your veterinarian will be able to best advise you under these circumstances.

Quick tips for a stress-free bath:

Bathing your dogs head last makes the whole bathing process a little easier, and certainly lessmessy, since most dogs tend to shake once their head is wet. Never get the shampoo in their eyes (and please use a natural or pet shampoo, never one designed for human use), and go careful not to get any water into their ears, since this can cause any number of painful problems for them. Be prepared for your dog to go berserk once the bathing ordeal is over!

When should you seek professional help with bathing your dog?

Whenever you begin to struggle, is the simple answer. If you need to bathe your dog regularly and the whole thing turns into a massive, stressful struggle for you and your pet each time you try to do it, it might be quicker and easier to have a professional dog grooming service do it for you. Some pet groomers are mobile too, and since they are experts in what they do, they will know exactly which bathing products are best for your dogs’ skin and fur type. And they will know which techniques to use to calm your precious pooch!

While bathing your pet dog may not be fun for either of you, it is necessary for most dogs and should be part of the process of keeping them clean and healthy. If you don’t have the time or the patience to do this as often as it may be required (or even if once every 6 months is too much for you!), simply call in the pro’s and have them get your pooch looking clean, fresh and fluffy, for you.

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