How Often Should Your Pooch Get A Wellness Check?

Preventative measures for your pet’s health are equally as important as they are for humans, if not more so, as our pets can’t communicate any potential health concerns to us. Catching illnesses early on, or better yet, preventing them altogether, will give your pet a happier, healthier and longer life, and so just as we might go for a routine health check-up once a year, so should your beloved pooch.

Why does wellness care matter so much for your pet?

Diagnostic tests and even routine examinations can often reveal potential problems with your pet’s health to a veterinarian, that they can then go on to treat to prevent the issue from getting worse. Treatment may involve something as simple as making changes to your pets dietary and exercise regimes, and such measures may even prevent a potential problem from ever affecting your pet.

How often should you take your pet dog to see a veterinarian?

Annual veterinary checks are always a good idea for any pet, no matter how healthy they may appear to be or how young they are, and the older your pet gets, it would be beneficial for them to see a vet twice a year, at least. If you’re not sure how often you should be taking your pet for a wellness check, ask your local veterinarian who will be able to advise you on the recommended frequency of a check-up for your pet.

With the lifespan of dogs being so much shorter than ours, it really does make sense to have them checked over more often, and give your veterinarian time to catch and treat problems quickly.

What will a vet be looking for during a wellness check?

A good wellness check-up will usually involve a physical examination from nose to paw and should always include a dental check. There is immense value in taking simple blood, urine and fecal tests from your pet, and for younger pets especially, this can be enough to detect any potential problems. For older pets though, they may require a radiograph, ultrasound or blood pressure test, and with the results from these in your veterinarian’s hands, they will be able to suggest changes and treatments that will address any current health issues, and provide them with something to compare future diagnostics upon.

Preventative care is one of the best ways ensuring that your pet lives a long, strong and pain free life, and a simple annual or bi-annual wellness check at your local veterinarian’s clinic is all it takes.

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