Can You Pamper Your Pooch Too Much?

Your pet dog is probably like a member of the family to you, and so of course you want to spoil them and make them feel loved and content. You might want to buy them all the latest toys, dress them in expensive pet outfits or take them to the grooming parlour once a week. With dogs increasingly seen as extensions of us, it’s easy to see why they are pampered and groomed to meet human standards, whether it’s wholly necessary for their wellbeing, or not. However, for good pet owners, who want to raise balanced, healthy pet dogs, the desire to treat them as we might like ourselves to be treated, should be resisted wherever possible.

What can too much pampering do to your pooch?

Just as with children, too much pampering can lead to a spoilt pet who will quickly consider themselves to be your equal, if not your superior. Spoil them too much and let them have too much control when you’re with them, and you’ll fast create a recipe for an ill-tempered or overly needy pet. This can be problematic for you as the dog’s owner of course, but it can also cause problems for other pets in the household, other human members of the family, and even your neighbours, particularly if your pet has begun barking and howling for attention when left alone.

Separation anxiety in a pampered pet is common, and some dogs may even suffer from depression if they are left alone too often or don’t feel involved enough in your activities.

Noting this behaviour and responding appropriately is vital if you’re to keep a well-balanced, friendly and happy pet dog. So, if you see your dog’s behaviour beginning to change and becoming a nuisance, and you can connect it to the way in which you treat them, you know that you need to begin putting some boundaries in place. Getting your dog back to a position where they respect the rules while being loved, not pampered, is not always easy, but can be achieved with patience and perseverance.

So, just how can you pamper your pooch without going overboard?

Pampering your beloved pooch in a healthy and well-adjusted way, need not involve buying costly beds, toys and clothes, but can instead involve the following:

  • Simply spend time with your dog
  • Take good care of their health and hygiene
  • Feed them nutritious food and keep them engaged in different activities
  • Try to teach them good, healthy behaviours

Not pampering your dog by buying luxury items or visiting grooming parlours, does not mean that you are neglecting them or that you love them any less, far from it! The truth is that if you want a pooch to be proud of, minimal pampering is required, simply pay attention to their canine needs and never ignore their health issues.

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