Potty Training Tips For Your Cherished Puppy

Having a puppy scampering about the place can bring joy and happiness to many a home, but it can also bring plenty of little accidents, mainly in the form of piles of poop and puddles of pee! Potty training can be tiresome for many, and some even avoid having a puppy simply because they can’t bring themselves to face potty training, but it doesn’t have to be like that. Here are some tips for potty training your cherished puppy:

  • There will be accidents…be prepared for them:

Puppies are young and just like babies, cannot possibly comprehend everything that you expect from them. So, there will be plenty of accidents in the beginning, until they can better control their bowels and bladder, and until they can better understand what you want from them.

  • Try not to get upset or angry at your pup:

Anger will simply frighten your puppy, and fear is not a healthy emotion to instil in any animal, whether you’re potty training or trying to teach them anything. Peeing and pooping is of course perfectly natural to puppies, and so losing your temper will confuse them. Show them clearly what you want from them by calmly telling them ‘no’ when they pee in the house, and quickly taking them outside. Otherwise, if you’re not careful, they’ll simply learn that they shouldn’t pee in front of you because it makes you angry, and they’ll sneak out and do it in a different place in the home!

  • Choose a potty spot outside:

Ideally, you’ll know from your pup’s behaviour that they want to go potty, and so you can quickly take them outside, put them in the same spot each time, and praise them when they pee or poop there.

  • Be sure to watch and supervise the potty training:

Stay with your puppy while you wait for them to go potty outside at the chosen spot, that way you’ll be certain that they’ve done their business and will not want to go potty the minute you put them back inside your home.

  • Build up a routine:

Routines are always a good idea for dogs of any age, but particularly for puppies. Try your best to feed them at the same time, put them for naps in their allocated area (or crate, if you’re using one) at the same time, and the same goes for when you take them outside to go potty. They will quickly get used to it and it will make your life a whole lot easier and more predictable.

Perhaps the most important piece of advice to impart for owners of puppies, is to supervise them every minute that they are awake! In just the same way that you would supervise your baby or toddler, the same applies for puppies. Correcting unwanted behaviour, such as chewing household items or peeing in the home, can only be done if you are present when the behaviour occurs. Never leaving your puppy unattended when they are awake will soon see you developing a loving and healthy relationship with your new best friend.

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