How To Prevent Your Pooch From Peeing Indoors

Pooches who pee indoors can pose a real problem for pet owners, and many are simply at their wits end, with no clue as to why their pet is behaving in such a manner or how they can prevent it from happening. This issue can occur with any dog, irrespective of their age, and the reasons behind it may vary. Tackling the problem need not be complicated or time consuming, but you will need a lot of patience:

  • Catch your pooch before they pee

There can be several signs that your pet is about to pee, and if you can spot these before they do it and quickly scoot them outside to pee, you may quickly resolve the problem, particularly if you give them lots of praise.

  • Catch your pooch while they’re peeing

Catching your best friend in the cat of peeing and shocking them into stopping by clapping your friends or shouting, may work well if you’re unable to stop them before they start. You’ll need to get them outside quickly so that they can finish peeing, and then again, give them lots of praise.

It can be easy to get frustrated with your pet and you may even feel like reprimanding them, but this is rarely effective since your dog simply won’t know why it’s being punished.

  • The importance of raising outdoor peeing cannot be emphasised enough

Positive reinforcement is vital for changing any unwanted behaviours from your pet, and its importance cannot be emphasised enough.

  • Eradicating the scent of pee

If your pet can smell any trace of pee in an area where they have previously relieved themselves, then they’ll quickly begin to associate that place with peeing and continue to do it. Dogs generally are not psychologically wired to pee indoors or in their den or sleeping area, but they are wired to pee in one place, so if you can’t fully eradicate the scent of pee somewhere, you may never solve the problem.

Try to use a cleaning product that contains enzymes rather than ammonia and be sure to clean the affected area thoroughly. A dogs’ sense of smell is powerful, so you’ll need to use a strong cleaning product, and a deep clean may also be advisable for carpets, rugs or furnishings.

The problem of indoor peeing from your beloved pooch, is one that you can help to prevent and even stop  altogether, but you’ll need to be patient and ensure that you positively reinforce their good behaviour when they do what you want them to do, such as pee outside. Try not to lose your cool with your dog, and if possible, catch them before the act of peeing or during, for the best results. If the problem persists despite your best efforts, then it may be wise to seek the opinion of a veterinarian, as your pet may have an underlying health issue that causes them to pee uncontrollably.

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