Reasons Why Your Pet Dog Benefits From Pet Sitting

While most dog owners would like to say that they have no need for a pet sitter – perhaps because they believe that their pet won’t be happy in someone else’s company or that they are not being responsible pet parents – the reality is that most dogs don’t suffer at the hands of experienced and qualified pet sitters, and when done well, the entire process should be painless for both parties:

How your best furry friend can benefit from having a pet sitter:

  • Being able to stay at home Your pet will naturally be most at ease, and feel safe and secure, when they are in an environment they are familiar with. This includes being surrounded by sights, smells and sounds that they know.
  • Being able to play and have fun Compared to being left at home alone, or even placed in a pet day care facility, your beloved dog will be made to feel special and can enjoy themselves with the individual care of a pet sitter. This may include play time in the yard, or even on a walk if you have subscribed such a pet sitting package, and a lot of fuss and attention.
  • Medical treatment can be continued or administered If your pet is on a course of medication, then a professional pet sitter will ensure that they receive it when they are supposed to, and should your pet have a medical emergency in your absence, the sitter will know exactly how to respond and will not panic. This is also the case should there be an emergency within your home that doesn’t directly affect your pet.
  • Trauma is eliminated Not only may your pet find it stressful to be left at a facility with many other dogs, but they often find travel stressful, too. Being left home alone for extended periods of time may be fine for some pets, while others will become incredibly stressed and may even damage your home in the process. Having a pet sitter eliminates any stress for your pet.
  • Their safety will be a priority While some pet day care facilities are highly professional, there is always the risk of your dog picking up some illness or parasites from the other pets there. They may also get into medical trouble in some other way, and it could be a matter of hours before it was discovered, due to the large number of pets at most facilities.

How you, the pat parent, can benefit from a pet sitters’ services:

  • Peace of mind You can go off to wherever you need to be, safe in the knowledge that your pet is in the best of hands. Your pet will be well cared for with a professional pet sitter, and you may even find that they don’t miss you all that much! This should then make it easier for you to be away from home whenever you need to be, and make the issue of who will take care of your pet, a much less stressful one.
  • Eliminating trauma We talk about pets being traumatized by having to travel to pet care facilities and being left in unfamiliar surroundings, but it can be stressful and traumatic for the pet parent, too. Having a pet sitter take care of your pet in its own surroundings eliminates stress for both you and your pet.
  • You won’t have to ask friends, family or neighbours Many pet owners feel as if they’re imposing when they ask their friends, family members of neighbours for help in taking of their pet when they’re away, and hiring a professional pet sitter means that you never have to impose on them again.
  • Home security While a pet sitters main concern will be the comfort and safety of your dog, they will also be able to keep your home safe in your absence and will keep you informed of any issues or concerns related to any aspect of your home.

Hiring a pet sitter may not be your number one choice when you go away, but perhaps it should be, since there are myriad reasons why it can benefit both you and your best buddy.

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