Should You Board Your Pet Or Use A Pet Sitter Service?

When your pet means everything to you, the thought of leaving them in boarding kennels while you’re out of town, can be an upsetting one. Irrespective of how well the kennels are run and maintained, you may not be able to bear the thought of them being left in unfamiliar surroundings.

However, you may also have reservations about using the services of a professional pet sitting company, particularly if your budget is limited. So how do you decide whether to board your pet or use a pet sitter service?

As is the case when making many decisions in life, it’s best to weigh up the positives and negatives of each option:

Positive points for boarding your furry friend:

  • Kennels will charge you a fixed rate per day; any extra’s that you want to pay for, can be added on if needed, making it easier to keep a check on cost.
  • Your pet will be monitored and kept safe 

Negative points for boarding your four-legged companion: 

  • Diseases like kennel cough and distemper can quickly and easily spread when many dogs are kept close to each other in cramped conditions, such as those often found in boarding kennels. Young and vulnerable animals should not be kept in such an environment.
  • Your pet is unlikely to receive individual care and attention, since there are many animals to tend to. Bathroom breaks, walks and play time may occur at times that are convenient for the staff, but may break the routine that you have tried to establish for your pet. 

Positive points for using a pet sitter service:

  • It’s easy for your pets’ routine to be maintained when they are being cared for by an individual, in your own home.
  • Your pet is never exposed to contagious and deadly diseases when in the safe confines of your own home. 
  • Pet sitters are trained to administer first aid and medications, and whatever special dietary or medical needs your pet may have, will be taken care of responsibly. 
  • Your beloved pet will be given individual attention and will not be competing for playtime or cuddles with other dogs. 
  • Most pet sitting services will also help you keep your home safe and protected while you’re out of town, by bringing in mail or turning lights on and off to deter burglars. They can also water plants, and do other small things around the home to help while you’re away. 

Negative points for using a pet sitting service:

  • The cost of hiring a pet sitter can quickly mount up, particularly if your pet(s) are young and need frequent exercise and/or potty breaks
  • Your pet may not react well to the pet sitter, and could even show signs of aggression, which is not good for you or the pet sitter! 

So, to put the dilemma into its simplest terms, boarding your pet is almost always the cheaper option, but you may be exposing your furry friend to contagious diseases and they will not receive individual care and attention. A pet sitter will almost always cost more, but your pet will get one on one care and will be safe in your own home environment.

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