Everything You Need To Know About Mobile Pet Services

If you’re a pet owner, no doubt you cherish your little furry friend(s) and hate to leave them in the care of someone else. However, with work, family and social constrictions, you may not always have a choice in the matter, especially since leaving your precious poppet(s) unattended for hours on end, is not a viable or compassionate option.

Many of us would prefer to leave our pets in the care of someone that we trust, and if we can turn to our friends or family members, then so much the better, perhaps. In many cases though, we turn to a professional company who can offer us the services that we require, and since most comprise of animal lovers who will have the welfare of your pet as their main concern, we really shouldn’t worry about trusting them.

What services do mobile pet care companies provide?

  • Dog walking: all dogs love and need, at least one daily walk. If you’re too busy to take your pooch for a walk every day – or on certain days of the week – then a mobile pet care company will arrange to have this done for you. 
  • Pet sitting: if you go out of town on a regular basis, or are just away as a one off, you can arrange for professional pet sitters to take care of your pet in your absence
  • Pet taxi: if you don’t have your own transport but need to get your furry friend to the vet (or any location), then you can arrange for a pet friendly car to take you both there in comfort
  • Pet bathing and grooming: whether you don’t have the time to give your dog a bath or groom it, or just find the whole event a little stressful, then call on the services of a professional pet care company who will pick up your pet, whisk it off to be pampered, and bring it right back to you, refreshed, clean and looking like new!

What else can you expect from a mobile pet service?

As mentioned above, mobile pet services will be made up of folks who love animals, and who will do their utmost to ensure that your pet gets the love and attention that it requires while in their care.

Their schedule will fit in with yours, and all services that are provided can be flexible and adjusted according to your specific needs.

Before engaging in the services of a mobile pet care company, you will have a consultation with them to discuss you and your pets’ needs. These will be conducted from the comfort of your own home, and you can share any concerns that you might have; these will then be addressed on the spot. This will also give your beloved pet a chance to meet the person who may be walking, bathing or caring for them in your absence.

If your dog is classed as a being an aggressive breed, that is no problem, provided the dog doesn’t display unnecessarily aggressive behaviour (and there is no reason that it should, simply because of its breed). Non-spayed or neutered pets can usually also avail of all the services.

Dogs will never be walked in large groups, and in fact, if you specify that your dog be walked alone, then that’s what will happen. Good pet services providers carry insurance, but you can check when you contact them.

When your pet is being cared for by a member of the pet service team, you’ll usually receive updates on how they’re doing, what activities have been carried out, whether they ate their meal etc, via text or email, giving you peace of mind while you’re away.

Your personal details are always kept private and secure, and confidentiality agreements are signed by all members of the pet service team.

So, if friends and/or family aren’t available to help care for your pet when you’re out of town, if you’re struggling to bathe your dog or even if you can’t find transport to help get you somewhere with your four-legged friend, than why not try a mobile pet service?





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