Just Why Do Dogs Enjoy Walkies So Much?

It often takes no more than the merest mention of the word, or even a silent look exchanged between pet and owner, to whip a dog into a frenzy of excitement, and before you know it, little Fido’s straining at the leash and desperate to get out into the big, wide world for his share of sniffs and frolics!

Viewing the history of our relationship with dogs over the years, may help us to understand just why dogs enjoy walkies quite as much as they do.

Humans and dogs have been partners for centuries:

We humans set about domesticating dogs many thousands of years ago, and for a variety of different purposes; dogs were quickly taught to work for us, helping us guard our land or property, hunting for us and providing us with companionship, too.

It’s a long time since we humans domesticated the dog, but little has changed over the years. Our four legged friends are still as active as they ever were, as curious as they ever were, and as adorable as they ever were!

Now, while working dogs get the mental and physical stimulation that they require daily, our pet dogs may be missing out and responsible pet owners need to put a little effort into ensuring that their dogs not only get the exercise that they require, but the mental stimulation, too.

The many benefits of walkies for your dog:

Taking your dog for a walk can of course keep them fit and healthy; preventing them from becoming obese, aiding their digestion and helping their joints to stay supple. Walkies is also a great form of bonding between dog and human, and the shared experience can help both pet and owner to understand each other better and become firmer friends. Dogs are also natural explorers, and they love to chase about the place on scent trails. Somebody once told me that a walk is like reading a newspaper for a dog; they can find out so much from the scent of other dogs, even if does involve sniffing their rumps or their pee!

This type of exercise is also great for reducing stress levels in both your pet, and you, and as natural hormone levels are given a boost, and setting up a regular exercise program for your pooch could even see their behaviour becoming more disciplined and well rounded. A happy and stimulated dog will be less likely to chew things excessively, go berserk whenever someone visits your home, or bark relentlessly. Fearful or anxious dogs may get a mental boost, too, and as your pet looks to you for support in unfamiliar situations when you’re out walking, you’ll be given the chance to help them grow in confidence and learn to behave in an acceptable manner around other dogs and humans that you might meet.

There are just as many benefits to walkies for you, as well as your dog:

Not only does your pet get a great work out, but you get some physical exercise too, and in this world of desk sitting and sofa surfing, a regular walk can be vital to keeping you fit, healthy and active. The very act of taking in fresh air regularly, can give a boost to your mental welfare, and seeing your dog enjoying his walkies, usually puts a smile on the face of the walker.

Folks living alone or who don’t spend a lot of time with other people, will often meet other dog walkers when they’re out, and having a pet can be a great conversation opener. You might make some new friends, or at the very least, get to chat with some like-minded individuals.

However, if you have a pet but are unable to take it for regular walks, instead of letting your dog suffer, simply arrange for a professional dog walking company to take the pet out for you. Prices can be flexible according to your dogs’ needs, and most importantly, your pet gets the regular exercise that they deserve, and need.

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